Hyperboost skin rejuvenation system

This one-day workshop is aimed at practitioners to hold an existing injection qualification and experience in dermal filler administration it combines the theory of Hyaluronic Acid and its physiological effects on the skin with an innovative practical technique using a state-of-the-art micro needling gun.

You will be taught competence in administration of non-cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid-based injectable serums to offer skin vitalisation treatments and lipolytic anti-cellulite treatments to your client. These treatments can be combined to address fine lines & wrinkles in the face and neck, aid anti-acne regimes as an intra dermal nutrition/ hydration boost and as an anti-cellulite treatment particularly useful in treating the double chin.

Skin rejuvenation is often a missing link in aesthetic clinics throughout the UK. Practitioners specialise in Dermal Filler and Botulinum Toxin injectable treatments but do not couple these with a successful skin boosting system.

Our Hyperboost treatment is a lucrative ‘add-on’ to any aesthetic clinic, increase your revenue & give clients the skin they’ve always dreamed of.

Stand out from your competitors…

With our innovative system you can offer your clients an holistic treatment plan incorporating reconstruction using HA dermal filler, wrinkle reduction with Botulinum Toxin injection PLUS a fabulous revitalised complexion using our range of MyFiller serums.

…and it doesn’t stop there!
Choose from a range of specialised serums to tackle specific areas and skin problems – Face Neck Décolletage Hands Chest Torso Back of arms Legs

Our experts will guide you through a one day course of thorough, clear & concise instruction. The course covers everything you need to know about the Hyperboost Skin Rejuvenation System:

  • Skin anatomy & physiology
  • Methodology – how the serum benefits the skin
  • Addressing specific issues
    > Acne / scarring
    > Stretch marks
    > Devitalised skin – regeneration of tone and texture
    > Anti-ageing – illuminating the complexion
    > Combating fat cell accumulation in parts of the body
    > Sagging or flaccid skin
  • Microneedle gun – operation and parameters


Please note that this course is only available to qualified aesthetic practitioners

Lipology® reserves all rights to this training programme

T & C’s apply

COST your full day of certified training includes 1 x microneedle gun; full training as listed above by an experienced, fully qualified tutor; over £240 worth of MyFiller premium products; post training support & mentorship £1499+ VAT