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Curacorn® Celebrating the science of Long Term Pain Relief

Where it all began…

It’s over 30 years since I qualified from Durham School of Chiropody & much has changed. I recollect poking fun at the ‘old-fashioned’ chiropodists already hard at work wrapping animal wool around toes to ease their patients painful corns.

Padding and strapping formed a huge chunk of the first year curriculum with great emphasis placed on how neat your ‘bevel’ was & checking that all the edges were well rounded to prevent ‘rolling up’. How our patients depended on those pieces of felt and preserved them at all costs before they eventually came off, soggy and flattened.

I wonder how many of you, like me, have questioned over the years whether there was a more hygienic and patient-friendly alternative.

Then came ‘silicone’ – a revolution to us! Looking sleek, feeling smooth & never getting soggy! From that day on we all opted to retail a host of these marvellous little pads. Even now, many a patient has attended my clinic proudly waving a pathetic, hardly-recognisable Silipos tub in my face & announcing that they have managed to wear it daily between appointments and that, with the cunning use of talcum powder, they think it best to “hang onto it because it may come in useful”!

  • How hygienic is replaceable padding?
  • How safe is it to occlude a lesion from view?
  • Could there be a better, more aesthetically pleasing alternative out there?

Four years ago I took the plunge & began to follow an alternative pathway in my pursuit of ‘something better’. I studied the art of injecting dermal fillers to an advanced level. I sought out the necessary insurances & got the thumbs up from one of the leading manufacturers of Hyaluronic Acid dermal fillers in the UK. I began to use their most viscous fillers to relieve painful pressure points thus reducing the formation of calluses & corns on the feet of my eager patients.

It was a great success.

I chose carefully, those most stubborn corns, the ones who became painful again after only a week or so. Interdigital ‘monsters’ on the feet of hard working people who had little time to attend my clinic so frequently. I am lucky enough to have been involved in the fascinating world of professional football at both Premiership & Championship levels for many years, where players are unable to miss training or playing because of something like a ‘corn’ despite said lesion causing endless discomfort & so it was that I used my revolutionary new treatment on one of my footballing patients.

A dedicated young man focused on a brilliant career. He has been with Wigan Athletic FC since coming up through the academy so I’ve got to know him well having attended to his feet almost every week for the past 4-5 years. Unfortunately he suffered from a dreadful interdigital soft corn between R/4-5, down in the webbing which made it difficult to get at with a scalpel. Adhesive padding was out of the question due to the workload on his feet & the amount of times the skin got wet through sweating or showering.

At times it would become infected & at one point had a sinus in the centre. Ultra tight football boots didn’t help the cause only serving to compress the toes together more. I challenge any one of you to get a footballer to wear ‘correctly fitting’ boots, it seems they need to ‘feel’ the ball as closely as possible when playing so tight boots it was!

The dermal fillers are made of ingredients which are not contra-indicated or on the banned substance list for professional athletes which I meant it was safe to use on him.

I advised non weight bearing until the following day & only light exercise for 2-3 days. The same evening he reported no pain or discomfort, daily updates revealed an asymptomatic foot & even after returning to his normal strenuous exercise regime there were no reported symptoms.

‘Since May 2016 to the present day the lesion has remained asymptomatic and the player is delighted with the results.’

I have used this form of treatment numerous times now, collecting testimonies & recording each success, in every case there has been a remarkable improvement which leads me to this point in time. I am now planning to promote it to others within our profession so that likeminded practitioners may introduce it into their practice & see its benefits first hand.

There may come a time when we throw away our SCF & fleecy web, abandon messy Otoform wedges, discard costly silicone tubing & look towards more advanced techniques to enhance our patients’ outcomes.

Nail removal & foot surgery are now common place where once others frowned upon our involvement. A new era of injectable dermal cushioning is upon us, let us embrace it with enthusiasm & boost the profile of our profession to both patients & other health professionals alike. The foot is OUR domain, we should be the leaders when it comes to new or innovative treatments within our specialty.

I have given my treatment a title, a trade mark & I am excited to be in the final process of gaining CPD accreditation from our Society for a series of courses in which I will be teaching this technique to Podiatrists across the UK.

(Drum roll please)

…fellow Podiatrists, I give you ‘CURACORN®’

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The CURACORN® course is a full day and open to Podiatrists who have achieved a degree or equivalent qualification with a certificate in local anaesthetic administration and who are members of the Society of Chiropodists & Podiatrists.

The course is £999 +VAT with insurance guaranteed upon successful completion.

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