Some of the most common questions answered:

The Lipology® Course lasts for 3 days, during which we cover both theory and practical sessions. Each student is able to work at their own pace with mentorship at every step. Successful completion is after the students have carried out a number of case studies to demonstrate their ability, competence and to ensure they feel confident in what they are doing.

Yes – your insurance is with one of the UK’s leading providers and is guaranteed once you have successfully completed your course.

It’s insurance companies who will offer practitioners insurance following training, therefore for ‘non-medics’ we recommend speaking to a reputable insurance company before applying for the course to ensure you will be eligible. However, we typically accept the following groups:

  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Dentists
  • Podiatrists
  • Physiotherapists
  • Level 3 Beauty Therapists

At Lipology® we focus on teaching small groups or on a one to one basis to ensure that our delegates have plenty of opportunity for ‘hands-on’ training. No-one leaves without feeling comfortable that they can take their new skills into their work environment and start to build a successful aesthetic injectable business of their own. If a delegate feels they may require further experience, they will always be given the opportunity to attend other course dates free of charge until their confidence levels are deemed sufficient to move forward on their own.

We have the ability to offer bespoke training for those who may already have some experience but wish to further their competence or confidence in an area not covered in our standard curricula. Training can be tailored to suit all levels of ability and confidence.

At Lipology® we pride ourselves in offering excellent post-training support & mentorship. We are in constant contact with all our Lipologists and encourage sharing ideas & experiences through our community of delegates & experts. You will never be left feeling isolated and will always have one of our team on hand to answer any questions.

Registration and refreshments start the day followed by introductions to put everyone at ease. The courses cover a whole range of topics and detailed theory is the first thing on the agenda. Each course covers everything you will need to know to enable you to keep your clients as safe as possible whilst enjoying a high level of skill and knowledge which is further developed through the practical sessions at the end of the courses. All our courses include a comprehensive CPR and anaphylaxis course at no additional cost with a separate certificate from the experts who provide this part of your training.

Insurance is guaranteed with a leading UK insurance company once you have passed the course. You will receive all the necessary paperwork plus a Lipology® certificate to enable you to obtain insurance following your training. The company we use has many years experience in the aesthetic industry and are enormously supportive of their clients.

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