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What is the Genius® Education Support Scheme?

A scheme has been launched to ensure that your business survives whilst you progress through level 5 and level 7 in aesthetics practice certificate thanks to the aesthetic experts at the Genius® dermal filler company in partnership with MyMed Aesthetics.

Both companies are passionate about improving safety in the aesthetic industry and have offered to donate their own profits from dermal filler & mesotherapy sales to fund practitioners wishing to achieve a regulated qualification – Qualifi (Ofqual) level 5 and 7 Certificates in Aesthetic Practice.

What is Genius®?

Genius® is a range of clinically-tested dermal fillers designed with safety and performance in mind. Like many of us, Genius® were tired of seeing too many cheap, low-quality fillers being injected into clients’ faces, thus Genius® was born – the filler you can trust.

Competitively priced without compromising on clinical quality, is why they’re trusted by some of the leading aesthetic clinics around the world. Competitively priced without compromising on clinical quality, is why they’re trusted by some of the leading aesthetic clinics around the world. With the latest Hy-BRID Technology for better volume effect and retention, the ergonomic design improves accuracy & makes injections safer than other traditional syringe designs.

What is MyMed Aesthetics?

MyMed Aesthetics create the award winning Revitalize mesotherapy serums and dermal fillers. The mission of MyMed Aesthetics since it’s foundation has been to promote and preserve natural beauty and raise awareness of a ”slow aging” concept. 

The Revitalize range is 100% organic and gives the practitioner the ability to address multiple issues within the skin, face, body and scalp.

There are 8 mesotherapy serums in the Revitalize range each with their own unique active ingredients which can be mixed into cocktails to tailor to your clients individual needs.


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Genius Education Support Scheme

Access to Genius

Why Choose Lipology?

Like Genius®, our priority at Lipology is improving safety in aesthetics, it’s why they chose us to be the official training provider for their education scheme.

We know that the industry’s reputation has been damaged by practitioners who have been poorly trained or take shortcuts with poor quality products and careless techniques.

That’s why we’re supporting practitioners who are serious about safety in gaining their accredited qualification Qualifi Level 5 and 7 in Aesthetic Practice. As an award-winning training provider, you can be sure that you’ll be getting the best quality education through Lipology® Academy so you can excel in your aesthetics career.

Why would I need this support scheme?

Having a recognised and accredited qualification such as Qualifi Level 5 and 7 in aesthetics practice show you take safety for yourself and your clients seriously. It consolidates your expertise in aesthetics, helps you understand any risks and reassures your clients that they’re in capable, trusted hands.

What are the next steps I should take?

Find an approved Qualifi training provider who can deliver Level 5 and 7 in Aesthetic Practice. Lots of companies are offering Qualifi level training. Do your homework and make sure you are working with the best. The course is intensive and requires both practical and research-based assignments, you’ll need some good support! We have had a number of practitioners come to us after booking on a level 7 course, which was not a regulated qualification.

How much does Qualifi level training usually cost?

Qualifi level 5 in Aesthetic Practice costs £3000 + VAT once complete you will need to pass your Qualifi Level 7 in Aesthetic Practice which is £6000 + VAT. 

Do I qualify for the support scheme?

If you are a practitioner who is serious about safety, wants to raise the standards in the aesthetics industry, lives and breathes aesthetics then you will qualify for the funding. If you’re already using mesotherapy serums and/or dermal fillers then it’s a no-brainer to use this opportunity to earn a qualification alongside your career.

Why would my clients love Genius/Why should I make the switch?

The Genius products have undergone rigorous assessment procedures and have been clinically tested to ensure the highest level of standards are met. Competitively priced while not comprising on safety, performance or results. The Hy-BRID Technology makes the hyaluronic acid highly dense with uniform sized particles. This enables GENIUS to have optimal viscoelasticity and long-lasting volume. Ergonomically designed grip and push rods provides accurate and safe treatment with constant injection forces. It allows the user to perform various injection techniques according to treatment site. Soothing hydration to help reduce the risk of post-procedure bruising & stunning packaging to make the brand look truly spectacular in any clinic – it epitomises what a sleek, professional brand should be.

Terms and Conditions

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Do I qualify for the scheme?

Genius Education Support Scheme

I currently use 10 boxes of mesotherapy serums or 25 syringes of dermal filler a month (for level 5).

I currently use 20 boxes of mesotherapy serums or 50 syringes of dermal filler a month (for level 7).

Register your interest in the scheme below a member of the Lipology training team will be in touch to ask you a few questions and check that you qualify