Are you tired of feeling anxious
every time you inject lips?

100% Of clients trialled preferred the new technique to traditional methods

Lipology® Academy Ltd brings you a one day workshop aimed at qualified aesthetic injectors wishing to create a safer environment for their clients.

A comprehensive ‘complications in injectable aesthetics course’ – including a new SAFER injection technique LIP GENIUS® designed to drastically reduce the risk of vascular complications when administering dermal fillers into the lips.


Safer Practice Ambassador

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Safer Practice Ambassador

Our new technique has been designed following rigorous testing and market research over many years by our team of experts at the academy and in collaboration with the U.K.’s leading insurance providers.

Our team are proud to announce that LIP GENIUS®, a new injection technique, will be launched in the UK giving practitioners more peace of mind when delivering lip augmentation treatments and offering clients a more comfortable, safer experience with beautiful results, more accurate product administration and much less post-treatment trauma.

This new technique will be available in 2020 and training will be offered at a number of sites across the United Kingdom.

Meet the LIP GENIUS® Catherine Hughes-Hobbs

Founder of the Safer Practice Ambassador scheme and creative force behind a new safer injection technique.