About Us

Where Lipology® all began

Lipology® Academy Ltd has a true family vibe, founded by Catherine Hughes-Hobbs, the company employs three family members & is proud to put family-work balance at the top of the priority list. Together they have a wealth of business & clinical acumen & work tirelessly to provide the highest quality training for professionals looking to excel in the field of aesthetics.
Catherine Hughes, Advanced Aesthetic Practitioner – Founder & Chief Visionary

How did the Safer Practice Ambassador scheme come about?

Initially it became apparent that changes were needed, the team were getting more & more requests for help from practitioners across the United Kingdom from all backgrounds who were feeling anxious about the possibility that they could cause a serious vascular problem when injecting dermal fillers.

When you stop to think about it … the traditional syringe was never designed to be suitable for the kind of intricate work involved in aesthetic treatments. The plunger is compressed by the practitioner’s thumb, this causes variants, the amount of product administered depends on their ability to manage the tiny movements that are often required to get the desired results. This is especially relevant when we look at how lip augmentation is performed. Tiny droplets or tubes of dermal filler are pushed into the lip tissue to add volume or shape to the lip using tiny movements. A tricky process and one that many practitioners, even those with a wealth of experience using needles, report they struggled with.

The next thing to master is the withdrawal of the needle as product is deposited. Another delicate procedure which can often lead to mis-shaped results, poor symmetry & lumps or bumps in the lips.

Catherine, CEO & the creative force behind Lipology® Academy Ltd. was aware that this system of filler delivery was by far the most difficult element of training, most students struggled to grasp it during their Dermal Filler courses and it was this that brought students back for additional training above any other aspect of the course. Students reported struggling to ‘juggle’ the variables when treating lips.

  • Watching the needle positioning
  • Checking the speed of the plunger as they pushed it
  • Maintaining a steady flow of product
  • Making sure that the filler was deposited in the correct position
  • Maintaining symmetry
  • Ensuring that the same amount was placed equally in each section

Catherine likens it to
‘rubbing your tummy whilst patting your head or learning how to balance the clutch with
the accelerator when you’re learning to drive’

She tells us:
“Too many practitioners were contacting the academy wanting to do refresher courses after training elsewhere. At Lipology®️ we offer students unlimited opportunities to attend further training if they didn’t feel totally confident after their initial training. I quickly realised that this is not the case at other training facilities & practitioners were left feeling anxious about causing a problem, afraid to do procedures in case they caused an occlusion and isolated without mentorship or support following their training”

Catherine set about designing the perfect syringe … The LIP GENIUS®️ automated syringe was born

She changed three crucial elements which were causing potential danger for clients & leading to anxiety in practitioners.

  1. The syringe was automated so that a set dosage can be delivered at the push of a trigger
  2. The 13mm needle that is supplied with the filler was replaced by a much smaller & safer 4mm needle designed to penetrate through the skin but not reach far enough to damage important blood vessels below
  3. The new syringe made it possible for the practitioner to keep their concentration focused on the needle position whilst the Lip Genius®️ trigger syringe does the rest

The second thing that came to the teams attention was the lack of protocol for identifying & managing complications associated with dermal filler injections. Catherine developed a comprehensive & thorough complication workshop to run alongside the Lip Genius®️ training to make the whole experience a full day course.

Added to this the new Safer Practice Ambassador register, the only register of it’s kind in the UK, those completing the course will be placed on the register, it is FREE OF CHARGE & will ensure that for the very first time, we will have access to aesthetic practitioners from all backgrounds via a unique registration number. As the government move forward in their bid to regulate the aesthetic industry this register will be invaluable in providing information about qualified, insured practitioners across the nation who are serious about keeping aesthetics safe.