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Are you tired of feeling anxious every time you inject lips?

Lipology® Academy Ltd brings you a one day workshop aimed at qualified aesthetic injectors wishing to create a safer environment for their clients.

A comprehensive ‘complications in injectable aesthetics course’ – including a new SAFER injection technique LIP GENIUS® designed to drastically reduce the risk of vascular complications when administering dermal fillers into the lips.

Course Includes

  • Certificate
  • Registration on the ‘Safer Practice’ directory
  • £50 insurance voucher
  • Equipment worth over £350
  • Resource pack with marketing materials
  • Access to a Press Release specific to your area
  • Use of our trademarked brand



Assorted dates available throughout the U.K. from January 2020


Our new technique has been designed following rigorous testing & market research over many years by our team of experts at the academy and in collaboration with the U.K.’s leading insurance providers.

Research shows: In studies, 100% of practitioners reported that they felt most anxious about the possibility of causing a vascular occlusion. In turn, 100% of clients surveyed said they preferred LIP GENIUS®️, the new safer technique, in comparison to the traditional techniques used in the past*.

Drum roll please… Our team are proud to announce that LIP GENIUS®️, a new injection technique, will be launched in the UK giving practitioners more peace of mind when delivering lip augmentation treatments & offering clients a more comfortable, safer experience with beautiful results, more accurate product administration & much less post-treatment trauma.

This new technique will be available in 2020 and training will be offered at a number of sites across the United Kingdom.

The one day Safety in Practice course will include:
  • LIP GENIUS®️ is a new innovative lip augmentation technique guaranteed to drastically reduce the risk of major vascular embolus whilst giving great results with reduced client discomfort and skin trauma.
  • Dealing with common complications associated with injectable dermal filler during lip augmentation.
  • Dissolving hyaluronic acid dermal filler.
  • The legal implications surrounding management of complications.
  • Current legislation governing complications & their effective management.

On successful completion of the course each delegate will be issued with a certificate of completion, awarded the title of SAFER PRACTICE AMBASSADOR and placed on the SAFER PRACTICE register which will be accessible to the general public who are looking for someone they can trust for their aesthetic injections. We have been working hard with the UK’s leading insurance providers who have endorsed the course, verified the curriculum and are so confident that this course will reduce claims, have also offered all successful delegates a reduction on their next insurance premium.

Our team are proud to have this endorsement from the UK’s leading insurers behind this project.

*Studies carried out by Lipology® Academy Ltd on a cross section of the public and aesthetic practitioners 2019


To make all injecting practitioners feel less anxious about causing serious problems when administering dermal filler lip augmentation treatments


To ensure that the general public are kept as safe as possible by introducing new, safer techniques and to drastically reduce the number of serious complications associated with cosmetic injectables.


  • "How amazing is the new Safer Injection technique? I find that it reduces the usual anxiety I feel when doing lips in my clinics. I have always feared causing an occlusion and since completing the training I find myself relaxing more, enjoying my work more and feeling a lot more confident knowing the chances of me causing serious complications are greatly reduced. I would definitely recommend all lip injectors take this course; it really is a game changer."

    Kimberley - Lancashire
  • "The procedure today has completely changed my mind about having lip filler, the last time I had the procedure was so painful and horrendous, today’s treatment was virtually painless and comfortable. So happy with the result, thank you so much“

  • “ I felt a lot more at ease as I thought the practitioner could focus more on my lips instead of keep checking the syringe - I love my results, best I’ve had”

  • “ I was made to feel so relaxed and it was less painful than before”

  • "Media and TV reports concerning people having problems with lip fillers has made me more cautious - I will ensure that I choose a safer practice practitioner in future”

  • "The first time I had my lips filled ended in almost disaster, I had a big haematoma. I was asked to model for the safer Lip Genius® technique and at first was sceptical but without a doubt I would never go back to the older technique even if it means paying treble the cost. I’m very lucky I didn’t lose my lip the first time round. With this new safer Lip Genius® technique I felt comfortable and confident with much less pain, zero down time, swelling was minimal and a fabulous result straight away. Take my advise, from someone who bruises like a peach and had the worst possible experience the first time round, I can honestly say I have found “the only way, the only company, and the only reason I love going back for more"

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